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Things That Luxury Homebuyers Need to Know Before Moving to Florida

by Rachel Civil 11/12/2018

Looking to buy a luxury house in Florida? Before you purchase a top-notch residence, it is important to note that Florida luxury homebuyers may encounter a variety of problems if they are not careful. Fortunately, if you plan ahead, you should have no trouble enjoying a fast, seamless luxury homebuying experience.

Now, let's take a look at three things that every luxury homebuyer needs to consider before purchasing a Florida residence.

1. Homeowner's insurance alone usually is insufficient.

As a luxury homeowner, you'll want to do everything possible to protect your property. If you purchase flood insurance in addition to traditional homeowner's coverage, you can guarantee your Florida luxury house is protected against flooding.

Florida offers warm weather year-round, but it also is known for severe hurricanes and rainstorms. Therefore, if you purchase flood insurance, you'll guarantee that your Sunshine State home is protected against any potential flood damage that occurs during a storm.

Remember, it only takes an inch of water to cause significant damage to a house. By purchasing flood insurance to supplement your homeowner's coverage, you can take a proactive approach to protect your Florida luxury house against potential flood damage.

2. A home inspection can make a world of difference.

When it comes to buying a luxury home in Florida, it often pays to be cautious. Thus, you should avoid the temptation to forego a home inspection as part of your efforts to accelerate the homebuying process.

All Florida home inspectors are required to complete a comprehensive training program backed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. This means a licensed Florida home inspector will dedicate the necessary time and resources to evaluate a Sunshine State luxury home from top to bottom. By doing so, a home inspector can help you identify any potential problems related to a home's drainage, electrical systems, flooring and much more.

Ultimately, hiring a Florida home inspector can make or break a luxury home sale. If you employ a first-rate home inspector, you can ensure a luxury residence will serve you well both now and in the future.

3. Home closing costs may be higher in Florida than other states.

Florida generally is considered a "high closing cost" state. As such, you may need to set aside more money to cover the closing costs to purchase a Sunshine State luxury residence than you would in other states.

However, there is no reason to let closing costs get in the way of purchasing a luxury home in Florida. If you collaborate with a real estate agent, you can discover an exceptional Florida luxury house in no time at all.

A real estate agent can keep you up to date about luxury homes as they become available. That way, if you want to own a luxury house near Disney World, your real estate agent can help you make your dream come true. Or, if you prefer a luxury residence in the Tampa area or other parts of Florida, your real estate agent is happy to help you find the perfect home.

Reach out to a Florida real estate agent today, and you can kick off your search for a Florida luxury home.

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